September’s Featured Presenter: Jackie Payne, Musician/Book Reviewer: Music For Your Heart by Ace Collins

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days? Something about its tune or lyrics impacts us and holds our attention. Why? How did the song come to be? Why was it written? And what does the song really mean?

Jackie Payne, will touch upon these questions as she brings music into her telling. Jackie’s book review will feature Music for Your Heart, by best-selling and award-winning author Ace Collins. As she shares words, reflections, and history of the music our hearts will be touched just as they are when we listen to the songs themselves.

A native Oklahoman, Jackie is a retired first and second grade teacher as well as a lifelong professional musician. As a professional entertainer, she has performed at a variety of venues in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Utah. Also a composer, songwriter, author, and poet, Jackie has added book reviewing to her list of offerings with books that allow music to be incorporated into the programs.

Jackie enjoys her grandchildren, horses, quilting, her menagerie of animals, and performing her original music. She and her husband live in the country near Princeton, Texas.


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