October’s Featured Speaker: Larry Ratliff, Film Critic & Humorist: “Life Lessons I’ve Learned at the Movies”

If there’s anything Larry loves more than movies, it’s making people laugh !!

Larry is a public speaker, humorist, author, and nationally known film critic who has reviewed thousands of movies, traveled the world interviewing film celebrities, and covered the Academy Awards for NBC during his 36 plus year career.

Larry was a founding, charter member of the Society of Texas Film Critics, a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association. His awards include Associated Press awards for film criticism and a UPI award for entertainment reporting. Along with Suellen, his wife and muse, Larry founded Radio Free Ratliff, a daily radio feature of movie and video reviews, previews, and interviews that was syndicated to radio stations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Larry grew up in Grand Prairie. He has a bachelor’s degree in speech from the University of North Texas with a minor in journalism and and an emphasis on radio-TV and film.

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